Saturday, March 23, 2013

Time for Revenge

I am Cannonball Jack Edwards, but not the real Cannonball Jack. Oh no, he was eated by the nasty narwhal and I barely survived the fight. The real Jack passed his name onto me with his last breath. As me ship limped back to Madagascar, I began to formalize an attack of revenge. And have also learned about some mythical items to help me ship and me crew in fighting. The time has come for revenge. The narwhal will suffer for this outrage.
The mythical items are shrouded in mystery but these items will help in guiding me ship after the narwhal. A special sail that is always full of wind. A mystical item that will make me ship alive. A mythical harpoon that will pierce and kill the narwhal.
These are but a few that I intend to commandeer for me voyage. The time has almost come. Most preparations have been made

~Captain Cannonball Jack

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